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Youtube Sidebar Gadget BETA


The YouTube Gadget is a tool for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista Sidebar which allows to create and edit playlists which then can be played. It contains a function to regulate the volume of the playlist being played, it is possible to play and pause an item of the playlist, the user can repeat a playlist, playlist items can be shuffled and a playlist manager allows to manage playlists. The playlist manager lets the user browse videos on YouTube to add to a playlist. You can create, edit, delete, export and import playlists. In the future I am going to add functions to upload and download playlists, so everyone in the community can listen to good and actual music with only some clicks. The gadget has an autoupdate function, so it always stays up to date. Also the decision whether to start playing on the startup of the gadget can be made. One more thing is the feedback function in the settings dialog of the gadget. This allows to write feedbacks or report bugs. If the gadget does not work properly anymore it can be reset.

Why is this gadget free to download?

This gadget can be downloaded for free because programming is my hobby. To compensate the costs for the server (electricity, domain etc.) I am dependent on clicks on adverts and donations because I am a student.


Last update: September 15, 15:50

This gadget will not be updated yet. It is only a BETA-version and may contain some bugs. It will be officially released in two months at the latest.

Known issues/bugs

  • The design looks a kind of strange. It has strange corners and shadows. (Windows Vista, 32 bit) ✔ fixed
  • The selection playlist select box on mouseover does not work. (all systems) ✔ fixed
  • At the end of a song a box saying "Video not found" is displayed. (Windows Vista, 32 bit; Windows 7, 64 bit) ✔ fixed
  • Instead of the title of a video "[object]" is displayed. (all systems) ✔ fixed
  • At the startup of the gadget the upper part is hidden (all systems) ✔ fixed
  • Massive problems with 64bit-systems. Flash player is not supported yet. After Windows update, the permissions to patch the sidebar programmatically are lost. ✔ fixed


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